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European IST Project: FP6 511723


Infrawebs Expected Results

Infrawebs Coordination

Infrawebs Project Partners


European IST Project: FP6 511723

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project title:

Intelligent Framework for Generating Open (Adaptable) Development Platforms for Web-Service Enabled Applications Using Semantic Web Technologies, Distributed Decision Support Units and Multi-Agent-Systems

project duration: 30 months

project start: 1st August 2004



The primary project objective is to develop an ICT framework, which enables software and service providers (SMEs, RESs, INDs) to generate and establish open, extensible and reconfigurable development platforms for Web-Service applications. Established in such a way the open platforms consist of coupled and linked INFRAWEBS units, whereby each unit provides tools and adaptable system components to analyse, design, conjointly compose, and maintain services (SW services) within their whole life cycle. Due to the versatile and modular structure, the proposed framework enables the handling of a broad class of services.
The sub objectives for this project are to develop a software framework to:

  • provide a comfortable and "easy to use" knowledge brokering unit,
  • used within a collaborative workflow and platform environment for analysis, design and composition of SW services
  • supplemented with secure and privacy preserving run-time and maintenance tools.


Expected Results

These objectives will be achieved by developing software components consisting of:

  • an ontology and similarity based organizational memory and tools for extracting and retrieving specific knowledge and information for SW services, and
  • a P2P agent-based interoperability environment (Distributed SW service repositories) for CBR based design and composition of SW services (CASE-tool), and
  • a run-time module for supervision (Executor, QoS-Broker) and maintenance considering security and privacy aspects

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Project Coordination

- Administrative Coordination

Prof Dr Ing F Pautzke, [ University of Applied Sciences ], Bochum, Germany

- Scientific Coordination

Dr Ing H Joachim Nern, [ Aspasia Knowledge Systems ], Duesseldorf, Germany


Project Partners and their Roles

1 - FHBO - Project Management (Project Coordinator)
Prof Dr Ing F Pautzke
[ Electrical Engineering and Information Sciences ] ; University of Applied Sciences, Bochum, Germany

2 - UIBK - Next Web Generation, QoS-Brokering
Univ Prof Dr rer nat D Fensel
[ Digital Enterprise Research Institute ] ; University of Innsbruck, UIBK, Innsbruck, Austria

3 - IIT - CBR in SW Service Design & Composition
Prof Dr Tanja Atanasova, Prof Dr G Agre
[ IIT - Institute of Information Technology ] ; Bulg. Academy of Science - BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria

4 - SZTAKI - Agent Based Mediation
Dr L Kovacs
[ SZTAKI - Department of Distributed Systems ] ; Hungarian Academy of Science, Budapest, Hungary

5 - ICCS - Security & Privacy
Univ Prof Dr Dr Spyros Tzafestas
[ Institute of Communication and Computer Sciences ] ; National Technical University of Athens - NTUA, Athens, Greece

6 - Profium - Semantic Information Routing
Dr Janne Saarela
[ Profium SA ] ; Espoo, Finland

7 - SAI - Distributed Registries
Atanas Kiryakov
[ OntoText Laboratory ] ; Sirma SAI, Sofia, Bulgaria

8 - FUTUREtec Dissemination and Exploitaion, IPRs Issues, Validation.
Responsible: Dr C Rehm-Berbenni and Ing. Andrei Druta
[ FUTUREtec-GmbH ] ; Gesellschaft für angewandte Informatik mbH, Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany

9 - ATOS - Requirement-Profiles & Test-Scenarios
Lydia Montandon
[ STREAM ] ; Technology Center - Atos Origin, Madrid, Spain

10 - Best-HP - Test-Scenarios & Requirement-Profiles
Marco Di Girolamo
[ BEST-EIC ] ; Hewlett Packard, Italia

11 - big&Aspa - Organisational Memory - Scientific Coordination
Dr H Joachim Nern, Georg Jesdinski, Michael Kronenberg
[ GmbH & Aspasia Knowledge Systems ] ; Duesseldorf, Germany

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